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ICT in SMR Schools

If your school has any experience with a particular area of eLearning or ICT please either contact us or join this wiki and insert your information to this page.
Making Computer Games - Programming
Several Schools across the region have been making computer games
using a range of programs.
They are sharing their games online for others to play and/or decode.

Schools across the region have been using blogs in a range of different ways.
  • Professional Learning & teacher self reflection
  • Teacher Collaboration
  • Communication with Parents & showcasing student work
  • Providing units of work for students
ICT Peer Coaching
Coaching has become a key strategy in helping teachers reflect upon
their practice and build their capacity. ICT is an area that many
teachers feel less confident with.
Building in a program of trained ICT Peer Coaches can encourage
the asking for and receiving of assistance with technologies and the
pedagogies they support. The following schools would be more than
happy for you to contact them to discuss their program:

  • Beaconsfield Primary School

Grade 5/6 students at Carrum PS have been producing a
weekly magazine style podcast since mid-2008.

To view their podcasts go to http://www.carrumpods.com
======For more information on podcasting provided by Marcus Mulcahy of Carrum PS go to======

Working with groups in a yr 10 English class
At Narre Warren South, eLearning is being embedded in a
wide range of subjects. A year 10 English teacher demonstrates
how a range of technologies can be used in a lesson on Shakespeare.

Video coming soon

Interactive LCD TV's
Interactive Whiteboards have increasingly become a feature
of our classrooms in Victoria. However many questions still remain
over the changes to pedagogical practice their introduction was
intended to bring about. The Interactive TV is more mobile, is at
students height and has no issues with shadows and callibrating.
This makes it much more likely to be used with small groups of
students rather than as a purely presentation tool.
View a teacher demonstration here.
If you'd like to see them in action in the classroom or have any
questions, contact Beaconsfield Upper Primary School - ph. 0359 443591.