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Welcome to the SMR Ultranet Wiki

Welcome to the SMR Ultranet Coaches' Wiki.

We hope that this space will keep you up to date with a range of issues around eLearning, ICT and the Ultranet. Here's a brief rundown on what you will find within the site:

Ultranet Updates
Links on the Ultranet page will take you to announcements and information on the Ultranet as it comes to hand. Copies of the SMR Ultranet Newsletter will also be linked here. A link to the implementation website will be added when it becomes available.

Our region is divided into three sub-regions and each sub region has a small team of coaches from the regional Ultranet Team who are responsible for working with the schools in that area. The sub-regions page has links to information about your coaches, their work with your schools and upcoming events in your area

eLearning Planning
A major focus of our work over the preceding 18 months has been around preparing for the Ultranet and in particular in assisting schools to develop eLearning plans that embody Ultranet Readiness. The eLearning Planning page has a range of resources to assist schools with this process.

Many of the Coaches have been running workshops in schools around a range of topics aimed at developing teacher capacity and assisting individuals to take responsibility for their professional learning. You will find that many of the online resources for these workshops may be of use to you either after a workshop or as a stand alone self paced session. Check out the Workshops page to see what is available.

ICT in SMR Schools
Many schools are doing some fantastic stuff out there. Others are at times looking to see what's happening elsewhere. On the ICT in SMR Schools we are hoping that schools will be prepared to share their successes. This may be in the way of walk-throughs and visits or online links and explanations of what works for them.

One of the best tools we have for personal professional learning in ICT is the ePotential Resource. All teachers should complete the survey annually and then use their own personal continuum to access a raft of resources geared to their needs. For further information and useful links go to the ePotential page of this website.

Resources and Screencasts
Screencasts are little "How To.." podcasts that can step you through any process on your computer. If you have something you're not sure how to do see if there is a podcast or drop us an email and we'll make one for you and share it with everyone else. On the resources page we are sharing a wide range of good teaching resources. If you've got some to share request access to this wiki and you can upload them for others.

Want to keep up to date on what's happening on this website? Use the <Notify Me> tab at the top of the page or follow this link http://smrultranet.wikispaces.com/space/notify and you can recieve email updates or rss feeds.